Spam & Telephone Scrambler: Scammers use names of big companies


Spam & Telephone Scrambler: Scammers use names of big companies

Hannover / Berlin – Trick fraudsters use the names of large companies to elicit money or personal data from their victims. For example, many consumers were receiving calls from alleged Microsoft technicians, Heise Security reports.

Picture: Money

The callers claim that the victim’s computer is infected with malware. To fix the error, the owner should pay 150 euros and install a program for remote maintenance. Microsoft advises on its English website, with such calls immediately hang up – even more, if the alleged technician demands money.

In addition, “Heise Security” reports on a wave of spam emails to Postbank customers: Customers are asked to follow a link to their new bank statement. Also in circulation are fraudulent emails on behalf of Amazon: The account of the recipient has been disabled for security reasons, it says. In order to lift the block, customers should follow a link and enter their user data there.

Recipients of such mails throw the mail into the virtual wastebasket. Just a click on the links contained in it may be enough to infect the computer with Trojans and other pests.